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Exit the setup utility and remember to save changes shift to Exit and press Yes. This also works for disabling Secure Boot on the Acer tablet. Post Views: Warning: You should only update the BIOS when your Acer computer is malfunctioning and all the troubleshooting solutions are failed. Hoping it can help you! This is an easy way to trigger the Acer BIOS menu setup menu , but you need to keep pressing the button to avoid missing the correct window and time. Press the right arrow on the keyboard to select the Boot menu tab.

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Open or ZIP file and double click on the bat. En Productos en Soporte Técnico en Medios Para garantizarte la mejor experiencia posible, este sitio web utiliza cookies de perfiles de terceros. Paso 1 Haz clic en el botón "Inicio" que se encuentra en el lado inferior izquierdo de tu escritorio.

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Actually, it's a unique and innovative feature designed to stop malicious software or unauthorized media from loading during the startup process. How to recover data with the bootable USB drive? A lot of options are included in an Acer boot menu: system information, boot device options, BIOS setup, etc. There are many reasons for this problem; please find them and the corresponding solutions on this page.

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Press Enter to change the status from Disabled to Enabled. Browse the files and folders found on your hard drive on Acer; pick out the ones you really need by adding a checkmark into the square box in front of each item. You can wait for the countdown to complete or click on the OK button to continue.

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In Windows 8. Choose Boot Options with the right arrow. Select a storage path for the selected files waiting to be recovered on the Acer laptop. A simple keystroke at the right moment, while the system is booting, will get you into the BIOS. This also happens to Acer laptop users; and there are many reasons that should be responsible for the boot failure PC ignoring the boot order is one of the common causes. Note: Inside the BIOS you can transmute many fundamental computer settings, like the boot order, system time and date, or enabled hardware components. You might optically discern a message that betokens the right moment. Presiona "F2" cuando veas la visualización de teclas del sistema en la parte inferior de la pantalla, justo antes de que aparezca la pantalla de Windows, para acceder al panel de BIOS. Specify the Acer drive that keeps your needed data in the right pane. Paso 3 Observa atentamente la visualización de reinicio de tu computadora.

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Hoping it can help you! How to recover data with the bootable USB drive? Wait for the scan to process; it may take some time depending on the drive capacity, amount of data, and other factors. Related Articles.

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Though they have a lot in common, the Acer boot menu key is not the same. The window is so narrow because the BIOS essentially only initializes your hardware, afore handing over to the bootloader, which boots the operating system. Change the boot order, making the USB option the first item in the boot priority list. Exit BIOS and save changes.

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