Hypsignathus monstrosus. Classification (HAGRID: 02006) (25 Photos)

References 1. Queste ultime volano lungo il territorio, scelgono un maschio e si posano accanto a lui. Cambia i ricoveri ogni giorni. Conservation Status: Least Concern Description The hammer-headed bat is a type of megabat and the largest bat native to Africa. In captivity, it is vulnerable to stress-related illness, particularly males. The timing of the dry season varies depending on the locality, but in general the first breeding season is from June to August and the second is from December to February. Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph.

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While it has been documented in savanna habitats, these records are rare, and it has been speculated that these individuals are vagrants. Females use trap-lining , in which they travel an established route with dependable and predictable food sources, even if the food is lower quality. Being active at night helps keep the animals from overheating.

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It has low fidelity to its roost and will move to a new roost after 5—9 days. Le ali sono bruno-nerastre, ricoperte di una peluria marrone sugli avambracci e di una striscia bianca lungo l'attaccatura ventrale sui fianchi e sono attaccate posteriormente alla base del secondo dito del piede. The species is a suspected reservoir for the Ebola virus, but as of , only antibodies against the virus not the virus itself have been found in the animals. Allen placed the species into a newly-created genus, Hypsignathus.

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Occasionalmente è stato osservato anche in una grotta, tra le rocce e in una capanna. Preview Unable to display preview. The bats are preyed upon by humans and birds of prey. In captivity, it is vulnerable to stress-related illness, particularly males.

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In this type of mating, males gather in groups of 25 to individuals to perform a mating ritual consisting of wing flapping and loud honking. It chews the fruit, swallowing the juice and soft pulp, before spitting out the rest. Both males and females are grayish brown, with brown ears and flight membranes, and tufts of white fur at the base of the ears. Mickleburgh, A. Hammer-headed bat distribution map. Sources Bradbury, J. The bat is categorized as "least concern. Pairing is arbitrary and identification of X is tentative. The bat has a life expectancy of thirty years in the wild.

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The tongue has backwards-facing papillae used to extract juice from fruits. Instead, they have a harem system. Sources Bradbury, J.

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In some populations, breeding is thought to take place semi-annually during the dry seasons. Walker's Bats of the World. They favor humid habitats, including rivers, swamps, mangroves, and palm forests.

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