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Senna gazed at the deep waters of the river, its current flowing gently toward the sea. And Lucian gets his wife back. Perhaps he had refined his technique. Not for a moment of my life. By evening, her innocence would be lost. A triad of mountains towered in the distance, their fiery crowns spewing smoke into the ruddy sky. She pushed it away. Thresh rarely resorted to such debased forms of suffering. Trust me, I can handle this gun. The chasm between her and those who survived.

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As she studied the sky, her stomach quivered. Lucian moaned softly in his sleep, head resting on a leather-bound tome. The words had been heavy and sharp, piercing her mind like a dagger.

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I felt my body return, as the last of the Mist left me. Only the echo of laughter remained. She clutched her hands to ease their trembling, and inhaled deeply. She planted a wooden crate on the weathered deck, next to their other supplies.

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You need to fight Senna felt the chasm widen between them, leaving her alone on the other side. She looked at the codex lying on the sand, its bronze clasp broken and pitted with age. I was so close to the village now, I could see new wraiths rising, sent spiraling toward me.

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Her instincts were pulling at her again, speaking to her as they had since childhood. There were fates worse than death. Men and women, fathers, sisters, all lost to darkness. But… she still died. Perhaps this was her punishment for escaping. It required focus. She pushed it away. That's worth fighting for.

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A single thought tumbled through her mind. She had been going to Bilgewater—no, they had been going to Bilgewater. Killed by a spoopy green ghost and trapped in his lantern for six years. She reached for it, grabbed it, and turned it over.

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She spent six years being tortured and witnessing other trapped souls undergoing their own forms of torture. Perhaps her escape had been nothing but a delusion. I could feel the wind pressing against my hood, the spray of the ocean hard against my skin, as if the world were pushing me back, warning me of the darkness ahead.

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