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He wears all black with a green neck brace that produces blue smoke that envelopes his face. You can just look like a cool mercenary man. Mysterio : Spider-Man's real When Garrison dosed the Black Cat with heroin and attempted to rape her, Francis decided to stop his brother's cruelty for good, teleporting within and blowing up Garrison's body. Mysterio appears in Disney Infinity 2. Quentin Beck : Don't ever apologize for being the smartest one in the room. Mysterio is inexplicably supposed to team up with Spider-Man for reasons the trailer does not make clear at all. Beck is from Earth. The character gets a fabulous spin on his comics gear in the film—and part of the reason it looks so good is down to Jake Gyllenhaal himself.

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Telekinesis After Quentin Beck, there have been several other characters who became his successors after taking his mantle as Mysterio. You can have your t-shirt on, leather jacket and jeans. Peter Parker : How could you do all of this? While he is eventually defeated by the web-slinger, he is revealed to be another illusion.

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Mysterio : You do have sarcasm on this world, don't you? Brownstone and forced to use his powers to assist Garrison's illegal activity as a heroin dealer. He has an army of weaponized drones, Stark technology. What's your four?

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The heroes are able to defeat the villains moments before Kang the Conqueror uses his technology to steal Manhattan and make it part of Chronopolis. He reasoned that by using an old enemy's costume, he could put Spider-Man off-guard; Spider-Man would assume he knew who he was dealing with until Klum demonstrated his powers and it was too late for the wall-crawler to do anything about it. This led Mysterio to create special traps to keep Iceman and Firestar from interfering, though he was ultimately apprehended by Spider-Man.

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Berkhart is arrested, despite there being no witnesses to his harassing Spider-Man. I saw that you did with the tower. His appearance is drastically changed from his counterpart. That might just be the greatest trick Mysterio will ever pull off. How does that even work with the quantum? In his first appearance, he had a police technician to set up surveillance equipment to the police department. However, this was changed at the request of Gyllenhaal because he loved the look and the character that much.

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Or, somewhat less dramatically, simply a massive illusion orchestrated by Mysterio. Mysterio : I managed to send the Elemental back into the dimensional rift but I don't think I'm gonna make it off this bridge alive. Along the way, they encounter Beck's lover Miranda Wilson, an actress who had been mortally wounded during Beck's first fight with Spider-Man and saved by the former's technology.

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I really feel the character, I get it. Mysterio : You do have sarcasm on this world, don't you? Somebody get this stupid costume off me! It is revealed that he was somehow infected by the Zombie Spider-Man of this reality.

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